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   Teleporters (adults)

Image by Rémi Walle

 Thursday: 7.15 pm-9.15 pm

 £70 per month (4 classes)

 Teleporteens (12-17 y/o) 

Image by Alex Simpson

 Day: to be announced

 £140 per term (12 classes)

Little Teleporters (6-11 y/o) 

Children Embracing in Circle

 Day: to be announced

 £140 per term (12 classes)

Greek through the Arts

Kids Blowing Bubbles

 5-9 y/o

 Day: to be announced

 £165 per term (11 classes)

Greek tutoring

smiling young female kid children using

Private tutoring.

Learning Greek through games, drama, crafts, songs, movement, drawing, writing, comics, literature, photography, video making and famous works of Art.

Special Sunday workshops

Kids Reading Outdoor

Check our Facebook or Instagram page for details

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Theatre in education:

Devising projects for schools

Learning through theatre making

Image by ngelah

School hours

Any subject can be taught through the Arts. Theatre and drama are magical tools to work with in the classroom in order to learn effectively and at the same time have fun and be creative.


Researching, exploring, experimenting, writing, using media, role playing, storytelling, directing & working within a group are all part of the creative procedure. A procedure that leads to a devising piece of theatre where children's ideas and talents are put together playfully. Respecting each other, embracing diversity, developing their confidence and self-esteem, having their voices heard are, also, some amazing outcomes of the above process.

Children will love learning.

Contact us to learn more or arrange a session for your class.

Theatre in education:

3-hour workshop for teachers


Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Implement theatre in your teaching. It is a magical tool to work with. Learning is much more effective when it is experiential and fun. 

Part 1: Drama games, breaking the ice & trust games, focus & memory games, relaxation & activation, movement, improvisation, role playing, dramatisation, storytelling, teamwork


Break-time, coffee, tea and cakes


Part 2: Devising, writing, creating and the use of media


Price per person: 

£40, payable in advance

Contact us to arrange your workshop

Time and days are subject to change, depending on your request. Tell us about your preferred days and hours here.
Book your spot in advance.

Term-time, 12 classes per term

Payable in advance

30% off for 2nd child sibling

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