Our classes are now online via Zoom. We keep expressing and believing in ourselves, working together and developing our confidence & imagination.
Due to Covid-19, hours may differ.
Contact us to request your preferred days and time.

Little Teleporters (Greek,3-6 y/o) 

 Monday: 4.15 pm-5.00 pm

 £12 per class or

 £120 per term (12 classes)

 Teleporteens (12-17 y/o) 

 Monday: 5.15 pm-6.15 pm

 £12 per class or

 £120 per term (12 classes)

   Teleporters (adults)

 Friday: 5.30 pm-7.30 pm

 £60 per month (4 classes) or

 £100 per 2 months(8 classes)

Little Teleporters (4-11 y/o) 

 Friday: 4.00 pm-5.00 pm

 £12 per class or 

 £120 per term (12 classes)

Little Teleporters (Greek, 7+ y/o) 

 Friday: 5.15 pm-6.30 pm

 £14 per class or

 £140 per term (12 classes)

Online tutoring.

Learning Greek through games, drama, crafts, songs, movement, drawing, writing, comics, literature, photography, video making and famous works of Art.

    Greek through the Arts

Time and days are subject to change, depending on your request. Tell us about your preferred days and hours here.
Book your spot in advance.

Term-time, 12 classes per term

Payable in advance

50% off for 2nd child sibling