Theatre in education:

Devising projects for schools

Learning through theatre making

School hours

Any subject can be taught through the Arts. Theatre and drama are magical tools to work with in the classroom in order to learn effectively and at the same time have fun and be creative.


Researching, exploring, experimenting, writing, using media, role playing, storytelling, directing & working within a group are all part of the creative procedure. A procedure that leads to a devising piece of theatre where children's ideas and talents are put together playfully. Respecting each other, embracing diversity, developing their confidence and self-esteem, having their voices heard are, also, some amazing outcomes of the above process.

Children will love learning.

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Theatre in education:

Workshop for teachers (in Greek)


Monday 21st of October 2019,

3.00 pm- 6.00 pm


Implement theatre in your teaching. It is a magical tool to work with. Learning is much more effective when it is experiential and fun. 

3.00-4.15: Drama games, breaking the ice & trust games, focus & memory games, relaxation & activation, movement, improvisation, role playing, dramatisation, storytelling, teamwork

4.15-4.45: Break-time, coffee, tea and cakes

4.45-6.00: Devising, writing, creating and the use of media


Price of workshop: 

£40, payable in advance

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Art in Lan


We took part in this amazing project called ARTinLAN.  It is a project about Learning a foreign language through the Arts.
Through the Arts children learn by doing and having fun, develop their imagination, confidence & emotional intelligence, work as a team, embrace diversity, get motivated and love learning.

Check ArtInLan Erasmus+ project. UK is a partner country. 

"Brain changes are most extensive and powerful when emotions are part of learning." Zull, 2005

Drama, emotional intelligence and the Greek language:

My speech in Potters Bar Greek School prompted by Observance Day in Education (30th of January)


"According to author and psychologist Daniel Goleman, EQ (or emotional intelligence quotient) might actually be more important than IQ*. Furthermore, Einstein has stated that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination” and that “the only source of knowledge is experience.”**

Very often, education appears as though it’s mainly centred on collecting information, instead of being holistic, which means focusing more on our emotional and social development, our values, a genuine communication with the world, developing an optimistic perception of life, expressing and believing in ourselves, working together and respecting diversity.

One of the most efficient ways to develop our emotional intelligence is through the use of drama. More specifically, through theatre games, improvisation and role playing we participate in scenarios that require a solution, we empathise with the characters we are playing, co-operate, share, learn to respect each other, have a go without the fear of failure, encourage the expression of emotions and gain confidence. Through devising theatre, we become creators, our voices are heard, we feel valued and included.

Theatre builds a fun and creative environment full of stimuli, positive energy and enthusiasm which helps us focus, think fast, enrich our vocabulary and makes us want to improve. It’s a place full of opportunities for developing both our oral and written communication skills with themes from both everyday life and the realm of imagination. Children practice their spoken Greek together with their body language which is particularly useful in communicating in a second language.

Theatre is a magical way in which children can enjoy learning, love their heritage, their ancestors’ language, and further explore their origins whilst comprehensively developing."

                                                                                                             January 2020


*Goleman, D. (2006) Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Random House

**Walter Isaacson (2007) Einstein: His Life and Universe, Simon Schuster