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Teleporta is a door ("porta" in Greek means "door") that leads us into magical worlds.We travel through time and space, explore the world and express ourselves. It’s a mix & match theatre workshop where different arts are combined and projects are held (community theatre, site-specific theatre, museum projects, yoga stories, crafting etc). They all result in a devised piece of theatre, a unique performance made from scratch where everyone can participate in any way they prefer, on stage or off stage. Children, teenagers, adults become teleporters -in English or Greek- through drama games, improvisation, role playing, dramatisation, storytelling, pantomime, puppetry, movement, music and songs, props making, short film making, writing and the use of media.


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Katerina Petridou is the founder and creative director of Teleporta theatre. She is a teacher (with specialisation in Arts: theatre education, history of art, museum education, music, movement, visual arts and children’s literature), a theatre practitioner and actress. She gained her Master’s degree in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She trained as a teacher at the Faculty of Education of AUTH and and as an actress at the A. Voutsinas Drama School in Greece. She has been working with children of different age groups for more than 12 years and she is currently the artistic director of GiST collective . She has attended courses and seminars on: storytelling, short film making, acting on screen, writing for children, Arts in languages, theatre of the oppressed and psychology. Drama and the Arts are some of the most important tools in her work, as through them, invisible worlds become visible, we feel more complete, have fun and learn effectively.

Eleni Kokoli is a dedicated guide to a unique blend of education and creativity. With a background in primary teaching and language tutoring, armed with a Classical studies degree, Eleni specialises in ancient Greek drama, history, and literature. Her commitment to education has deepened through her training in Developmental and Child Psychology, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of young learners' cognitive and emotional needs. Moreover, Eleni has explored the realm of Positive Psychology Art Coaching for Kids, gaining insights into leveraging creativity for holistic development. Beyond traditional classrooms, her joy extends to after-school clubs and independent workshops, where she creates engaging spaces for children to explore creativity through arts and crafts. Her warm and artistic personality fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment in the kids' artistic pursuits. Eleni is not just an educator; she is a dedicated facilitator of growth who inspires a love for learning and creative expression. She takes us into enriching journeys where education meets imagination. 

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