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Georgia Hadjinikolaou

Teleporta theatre workshop is an ideal workshop you can choose for self-awareness and self-development.
During the activities I had the opportunity to reflect on past and future, learn both for myself and others, to interpret emotions and ideas and imagine new worlds and situations. This workshop improved my self confidence and helped me with stress.
All the activities are so well structured and help you effortlessly, in a safe environment to improvise, imagine, think out of the box and be creative. As an educator myself I understand how much effort and thinking is put on this activities by our wonderful and passionate teacher, Katerina.
I highly recommend it to everyone.

Eleftheria Tsinaslanidou, proud mum

My child experienced wonderful images,sounds and unique projects. She developed her imagination and self-esteem in such a caring and warm environment.

Maria Diou

I love devising theatre. Teleporta is a fantastic workshop which helps you a lot to increase your spontaneity and your confidence. There you have the chance to meet other people, make new friends and discuss with others your ideas about any games and theatre. Moreover, Katerina is a lovely teacher with lots of creative ideas making the lesson even more funny and exciting.

Vasilis Vroutsis

I recently started participating in Teleporta theater workshop and it has been such an amazing experience so far. Katerina is a fantastic and very creative educator and through her activities we get the chance to express ourselves and to gain confidence. I cannot wait till my next session and meet my wonderful team.

Anna Petridou

Every week, I'm looking forward to our next session. Katerina is such an innovative, playful and creative facilitator and makes it so easy for me to feel comfortable and express myself. This workshop is a unique way to explore yourself and work as a team, even online.

Mary Cassidy, Drama teacher at St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School(2018-19)

Katerina was a real asset to the Drama department, consistently delivering creative, energised and fun workshops and devising performances for our annual talent show.

Mimi Vasilaki, proud mum

Katerina is such an outstanding educator. For each lesson she spends hours of studying and preparation. My daughter has tried other workshops in the past but this is totally a different league, she loves every minute of it. Katerina has great empathy, she is playful and fun but her work is dead serious and deep. I feel she is capable of making any child shine. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.

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