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Little Teleporters

Theatre should play a vital part in people’s education and that needs to start at an early age. 

Children need opportunities to express their feelings and thoughts, share their experiences, build relationships, work as a team, learn to respect each other, embrace diversity, explore the world and themselves, develop their confidence and imagination, have a go without the fear of failure, get inspired. Theatre is one of the most magical ways for all these to happen.

What makes this theatre workshop different is the warm environment, our child-centred approach and the fact that it is a mix and match workshop where different arts are blended together through drama games and immersive projects. It's a journey full of inspiration and stimuli that bring out children's interests, ideas, talents and creativity. Part of this journey are: devising, creative writing, storytelling, short film making, directing, crafting, history of Art/music/movement/book/museum/verbatim/site-specific/community/international projects. According to J.H. Pestalozzi -the "father of modern education"- children should be "learning by head, heart and hands", so that they are holistically developed. This is our goal, too.


​Apart from the above, young people need to be heard. They need to feel appreciated. This is why a devising performance will be one of our main priorities here. Exploring the world by raising awareness for a social issue, a place of heritage, a historical event or a story that hasn’t been heard will be one of this group’s projects. The children's concerns, their dreams, their fears, their interests, their passions will be mirrored in the team’s work. Making new friends and having their voices heard will help them feel included and develop their confidence and self-esteem.


This is a group for adults. It’s never late to enter the world of theatre, a parallel universe in which we can have a break from the stress and the automatisation of the world outside. Time to put everything back, be ourselves, discover the truth inside us, collaborate and share. Theatre is liberating. It’s purifying. It leads to catharses. Participants will experience all the games, activities and projects described above plus acting techniques and role approaches. The destination of this journey will be a devised piece of theatre, a performance made from scratch by us. The workshop will be run in English or Greek, depending on people’s demands.

Greek Teleporters

We teleport in Greek. What changes here is that we add one more goal: to keep in contact with the Greek language and cultural heritage and to instil in children the thirst for further exploration of their origins. Through amusing theatre and arts activities and games, children come closer to the Greek language and culture, their tradition, their history. We want them to enrich their vocabulary and feel confident. We encourage them to speak in Greek, even if they make mistakes. One of the most effective teaching methods is “learning by doing”, by having fun and exploring. As A. Einstein had said: "Play is the highest form of research."

Some of our topics are: Greek mythology, Aesop's fables, folk tales, traditional games and songs, poetry, Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Greek  customs, National days, Ancient Greece, numbers, colours, weather, emotions, families, animals, food & cooking, body & clothes, seasons and months, professions, geography & maps. Although our focus will be our spoken Greek, we will, also, get familiar with the Greek alphabet and a few words, too.

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