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Little teleporters (6-11 y/o)

  • Started 23 Sept 2021
  • £140

What we do

Theatre should play a vital part in people’s education and that needs to start at an early age.  Children need opportunities to express their feelings and thoughts, share their experiences, build relationships, work as a team, learn to respect each other, embrace diversity, explore the world and themselves, develop their confidence and imagination, have a go without the fear of failure, get inspired. Theatre is one of the most magical ways for all these to happen. What makes this theatre workshop different is the warm environment, our child-centred approach and the fact that it is a mix and match workshop where different arts are blended together through drama games and immersive projects. It's a journey full of inspiration and stimuli that bring out children's interests, ideas, talents and creativity. Part of this journey are: devising, creative writing, storytelling, short film making, directing, crafting, history of Art/music/movement/book/museum/verbatim/site-specific/community/international projects. According to J.H. Pestalozzi -the "father of modern education"- children should be "learning by head, heart and hands", so that they are holistically developed. This is our goal, too.

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Cancellation Policy

Bookings are non-refundable, non-transferable. In case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. GP's instructions), if the cancellation is received 48 hours before the commencement of the course, the attendance can be suspended for a period of time. If a class is cancelled by the activity organiser, it will be rescheduled or the session’s fee will be fully returned.

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  • Yogaloom Studio, Hillfield Park Mews, London, UK